A 9-year-old boy from the UK found an unexploded World War 2 Grenade in his garden

The bomb disposal squad was called to aid a young boy from the UK looking for bones in his East Devon garden. According to Metro, a 9-year-old boy from Yarcombe discovered a small explosive while searching his backyard. He ran into the house to tell the mother.

Although his mother was initially sceptical, she quickly rang 101. Within 20 minutes, the operator transferred her to 999.

Mrs Peniston Bird told DevonLive that he was “absolutely sparked” after a late night. He ran into my bedroom and said, “You’ve got a grenade; you’ve got to get up!” I said, “Oh yes, absolutely, I’m certain you have; that is fantastic; why don’t we go and take pictures of it?” He returned with his iPad and thrust it into my face. I was so sleepy that I thought it might be a grenade.

They said it was a grenade and called the bomb disposal team. The explosive was still alive when the soldiers examined it with an X-ray. Police described it as an “unexploded World War 2 bomber grenade“.

The bomb was safely taken to a nearby field and detonated. It sent mud across a hedge into another location. The boy’s mother told George that George was very excited by the surprise discovery and the visit of the bomb squad and police.

Rural East Devon Police later shared photos of the grenade and details of the incident on their Facebook page. They wrote: “It was an explosive afternoon for our Rural East Devon Response colleagues.

This might sound alarming, but it is common in Devon and Cornwall. Several devices wash on the shores or are found when clearing out a loved one’s property. Our officers from the Seaton Neighbourhood Policing Team were called to Colyton last week for a similar incident. The grenade was detonated in a field behind the property.