Foxconn’s Founder Eyes Taiwan Presidentship, Leverages Industry Experience

Terry Gou is a tech tycoon and the founder of Foxconn. His 40 years in the global technology industry have been cited as essential to his ability. He has expressed his desire to become president of Taiwan.

Foxconn Founder Promises Taiwan-China Economic Ties

Nikkei Asia informs us that Gou has stressed his ability to strengthen economic ties with China and dispel the idea that Taiwan could only choose between China and the United States.

Beijing has investigated Taiwan’s trade barriers, which affect more than 2,400 Chinese products. His remarks emphasized the importance of communication across the Strait.

CNBC reported in December 2022 that Taiwan’s Government said it would fine Foxconn over an unauthorized investment into a Chinese chip manufacturer, despite Foxconn’s announcement to sell its stake.

You will compete against New Taipei City mayor Hou You-yi for the Kuomintang’s presidential nomination.

The Democratic Progressive Party has officially named William Lai, Vice President of Taiwan, as its candidate in the elections scheduled for January 2024.

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Transforming Taiwan into a “Tech Island”

Foxconn, a major supplier of Apple and most of its iPhones, is currently focusing on diversifying its revenue by focusing on electric vehicles.

According to Wion, the Taiwanese electronic giant Foxconn recently announced plans for $820 million to be invested in new manufacturing facilities to support its electric car ambitions in southern Taiwan within the next three years.

Gou said in a recent interview that he had been thinking about Taiwan’s future for two years and hoped to transform Taiwan into “a tech island.”

He also emphasized that he aims to hold two weekly forums in Taiwan and obtain 5 million doses of the Pfizer-BNT Covid vaccine by 2021.

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Gou said that he had invited OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to visit Taiwan this June to work on the island’s future technological development.

Gou Revivifies Political Run

Gou has been pursuing his ambitions of running for President of Taiwan for some time. He was defeated in 2019 by Han Kuo Yu, which sparked months of speculation as to whether he’d run for president as an independent.

Gou is confident that he will be nominated and believes he can lead.

The tech tycoon is a global leader in the industry and the founder of Foxconn – the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. Foxconn assembles critical components for Apple’s iPhone and other tech products.

Gou’s plans to improve Taiwan’s relations with China coincide with high tensions between China and Taiwan.

China has not renounced using force to control Taiwan and has increased its military activities around the island in recent years.

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