Hillary Clinton targets Trump on of the US 2024 elections, conveying he can’t beat against Biden

Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary and First Lady of the United States said in an interview with Sky News that no matter who the Republican nominee is, Joe Biden would be reelected, and Donald Trump wouldn’t win the next elections. Former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated that “more people have become aware of him (Trump) as well as his behaviour than before”.

Despite being defeated by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, Hillary Clinton has been accused of spying on him and manipulating election results to her advantage. She believes Trump will pay for his actions when he runs for President again. She told the information platform that she had always thought of him.

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“If you follow him, you can see it. He accuses others of doing things he is himself doing. It’s a psychological projection.” She continued, “I thought about his business record, but as I saw him in government and politics, he seemed to care little for rules.” He didn’t care about the law.”

Clinton said that even though Trump was indicted and had become the first US president ever to face criminal charges, the US legal system would not prevent him from running again for President.

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She said: “But if he wins the Republican nomination, I don’t think he can be reelected president.”

“People are more aware of him and his behaviour than before. He has a solid base of support which will likely help him win the Republican nod. “But in a general campaign against President Biden, I don’t believe he can be victorious.”

Clinton: ‘Biden is going to be reelected.’

Clinton said that Florida Governor Ron De Santis, who is whispered to be running for President as a Republican candidate, would also fail because he has “no proven track record”. Clinton said, “Nobody outside Florida knows much about him, and, in Florida, people are watching him do crazy stuff”.

Biden’s 80-year-old age was not considered an issue by the former secretary of State. “I could do it. She added, “I’m in my mid-70s.” “I believe it should be about what he did as president.”

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