His Party Announces That Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro Will Return To Brazil on March 30,

Jair Bolsonaro, former Brazilian president, will return to Brazil on March 30. His Liberal Party confirmed this via social media Friday after more than three months in exile in the United States following his defeat in his re-election bid.

“Our national president Valdemar Costa Neto confirms to everyone that Jair Bosonaro will be returning to Brazil on March 30,” Bolsonaro will embark in Brasilia at 7:15 a.m.,” Bolsonaro’s party, the Liberal Party, stated on social media.

Bolsonaro, who travelled to the United States on December 30, just two days before President LuizInacio Lula da Silva’s inauguration, skipped the traditional ritual of passing his presidential sash on to his successor.

The former right-wing president stated that once he is back in Brazil, he will lead the opposition and defend himself against allegations that caused the January 8 riots that saw his supporters storm government buildings in Brasilia.