James Gunn Exposes his Script-writing function after moving an update regarding Superman movie

James Gunn, co-boss of DC Studios, recently responded to a question from a fan about Warner Bros Discovery’s critical input on his scripts. James Gunn explained how he gets feedback from “trusted” parties on the hands he writes. He also elaborated on how important it is to get some exposure to the script.

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James Gunn posted the front cover of his forthcoming Superman Legacy when he announced it had entered pre-production. Gunn explained his process after a fan asked where he got his notes. He explained that his method has always been to ask people he knows for “notes” and that constructive criticism was “the lifeblood of any writer”.

Gunn revealed to whom he turns for criticism at the right time. He said he passes scripts to trusted people, such as DC Studios executive Chantal Ng or DC Comics writer Tom King. In another tweet, he quoted The Shining and It writer Stephen King. In his tweet, he said: 

“‘First Draft Door Closed, Second Draft Open.’ Writing, as communication, is critical”. Below are the tweets of James Gunn.

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Superman: Legacy: More Information

Superman Legacy will be the first movie from the DC slate announced previously by James Gunn. The DC Studios co-boss said the film would focus on a young version of Superman in his early years. He’s hinted that Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman inspired the new Superman project. Superman Legacy is the first time that Mission Impossible Rogue Nation star Henry Cavill will not be playing this character since 2013’s Man of Steel.

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