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Here are some signs you might need to take a break from social media and some tips to make your use of it more healthy

Scroll down on Instagram and exit. Open Facebook, scroll, exit and repeat. Open Twitter, scroll,  enter and repeat. Open TikTok… Many of us have made social media a habit. We use it daily, whether awake, asleep, or bored. Research shows that social media can have an impact on mental health. Experts recommend a balanced relationship between our doom-scrolling devices. Social media

Problems sleeping? A new survey has found that dissatisfying sleeping patterns are associated with more depressive symptoms

A new survey shows that sleep is critical to our mental health. The National Sleep Foundation released its annual “Sleep in America” poll on Thursday. It found “strong associations” between depressive symptoms and sleep health characteristics. Half of those who reported sleeping less than seven hours a night on weeknights claimed they suffered from mild-to-moderate depressive symptoms.