Marlene Schiappa, a French Minister, was Criticized for Appearing on Playboy Cover. Top Minister Responds

Although some were critical of Marlene Schiappa, the French Minister, it was defended by her and others as a rightful expression. Her interview with Playboy about women’s rights and LGBTQ rights is featured in the issue.

Marlene Schiappa, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, was photographed for Playboy magazine’s cover. A section of French politicians and commentators criticized her.

Marlene’s choice to appear on Playboy magazine’s cover was criticized by critics who said it was inappropriate timing and a poor decision. France has seen violent protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s recent pension reforms.

Marlene and several others defended the Playboy Cover Photo as an expression of Marlene’s bodily and personal autonomy. Gerard Darmanin, Interior Minister, came to Marlene’s aid and said, “You won’t make me say anything negative about Marlene Schiappa…being a liberated woman is hard”.

Playboy magazine is a men’s magazine. It is well-known for its nude and seminude photos of models. The potentially sexually explicit content has been criticized by feminist thinkers such as Carrie Pitzulo, a noted American sexuality and gender historian.

It was Playboy’s sex, and in particular, the Playmate centrefolds. Gloria Steinem, among others, criticized the Playboy worldview’s sexism when it emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. They claimed that Hefner was a chauvinist, who exploited young girls for sexual and financial gain,” Carrie wrote in an article for The Conversation. Carrie is referring to Hugh Hefner (the Playboy founder).

Marlene Schiappa a French Minister was Criticized for Appearing on Playboy Cover. Top Minister Responds

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Marlene Schiappa stands in the cover photo.

Marlene Schiappa serves as Secretary of State for Social & Solidarity Economy & Associative Life of France in France’s government. Since 2017, she has been a French minister.

Marlene is a well-known feminist. In her Twitter bio, she writes, “Feminist forever”. She also mentions it in her Twitter bio.

Marlene is featured in a white gown on the cover of Playboy’s April issue. Her 12-page interview about women and LGBTQ rights is also featured in the case. Despite being criticized by many, including her prime minister, she stuck to her cover photo.

Marlene, in French, tweeted, “Defending women’s right to dispose of their bodies” as a response to trolling and criticism. France is a country where women are free. All due respect to the hypocrites and backsliders. #Playboy.”

Marlene was called by Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, to inform her that it was “not at all appropriate”, especially during the current period, an aide said to AFP Saturday, France 24,

Geoeconomist Daniel Foubert called Marlene’s Playboy Cover Photo another sign of “moronic government.”

Gerard Darmanin, a French minister of top rank, came on TV to support Marlene. He said he wouldn’t say anything negative about Marlene Schiappa…being liberated is hard work.”

He also wanted to “say that Marlene Schiappa, a brave female politician, has her character and style which are not mine but which I respect”.

Marlene Schiappa, feminist leader and author

Marlene Schiappa serves as Secretary of State for Social & Solidarity Economy & Associative Life of France in France’s government.

Marlene is a well-known feminist leader who advocates for women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. She is also an author.

Before her political career, the mother-of-two was a prolific blogger and author, writing about motherhood, women’s health, and pregnancy. France 24 notes that she also wrote a book in 2010 offering sex tips to overweight women, which was criticized by some as spreading stereotypes.” France 24

Marlene was the leader of a French law that addressed crimes against women.

CNN reports that Schiappa is a long-standing advocate for women’s right and was elected the first-ever Gender Equality minister in 2017. She successfully led the creation of a new law against sexual harassment that allows men to cite, harass, or follow women in the street.

UPI news agency has reported that Playboy Issue #5 with Marlene will be published on Saturday.