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Akshata Mudty, missis of UK PM Rishi sunak, will make Rs 68.17 crore in premium income from Infosys

Akshata, wife of Britain’s prime minister Rishi Sunak stands to make Rs 68.17 billion in dividend income through her holdings in India’s largest IT company Infosys. Murty, the daughter of Infosys founder Narayana Murthy held 3.89 million shares of Infosys by the end of December. This is according to the company’s filings on the stock

Fatal Hawaii Shooting Reveals Risks Of Popular Cockfights

Hawaii police have pledged to increase their enforcement of illegal gambling after one of the most severe shootings in the state’s history brought attention to the dangers associated with cockfighting.  Cockfighting is a popular activity in Hawaii, despite it being illegal. A man and a female stood killed in the early morning shootings that occurred

Hillary Clinton targets Trump on of the US 2024 elections, conveying he can’t beat against Biden

Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary and First Lady of the United States said in an interview with Sky News that no matter who the Republican nominee is, Joe Biden would be reelected, and Donald Trump wouldn’t win the next elections. Former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated that “more people have become aware

Astronomers Spot Potential Supermassive Black Hole collision: What Could Happen?

Astronomers made a remarkable discovery: Supermassive Black Hole two active quasars were found in an early galaxy. The two supermassive quasars are only 10,000 light years apart and on a collision path with each other. Discovering an Ancient Binary Quadrasar in Early Universe Scientists can better understand black holes’ evolution by studying this upcoming cosmic

Scientists Keep Achieved Sharpest-Ever Brain Scan–64,000,000 Times Clearer Than Before!

Scientists have made a breakthrough in medical imaging by producing the sharpest scan ever of a Brain. The scan is 64 million times clearer than the typical clinical-based MRI. It was developed by researchers at Duke’s Center for In Vivo Microscopy in collaboration with University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Mighty magnet Researchers used a powerful magnet