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Akshata Mudty, missis of UK PM Rishi sunak, will make Rs 68.17 crore in premium income from Infosys

Akshata, wife of Britain’s prime minister Rishi Sunak stands to make Rs 68.17 billion in dividend income through her holdings in India’s largest IT company Infosys. Murty, the daughter of Infosys founder Narayana Murthy held 3.89 million shares of Infosys by the end of December. This is according to the company’s filings on the stock

T-Hub Hyderabad Is the World’s Biggest Innovating Campus for Startups

India is making groundbreaking discoveries and innovating. One such occasion saw T-Hub, a technology startup incubator, the T-Works prototyping centre and the IMAGE Tower, which focus on multimedia, animation and gaming. T-Hub in Hyderabad, India’s most prominent startup accelerator, opens the largest innovation campus. It is currently in the second phase of Hyderabad’s T-Hub construction.