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Astronomers Spot Potential Supermassive Black Hole collision: What Could Happen?

Astronomers made a remarkable discovery: Supermassive Black Hole two active quasars were found in an early galaxy. The two supermassive quasars are only 10,000 light years apart and on a collision path with each other. Discovering an Ancient Binary Quadrasar in Early Universe Scientists can better understand black holes’ evolution by studying this upcoming cosmic

Scientists Keep Achieved Sharpest-Ever Brain Scan–64,000,000 Times Clearer Than Before!

Scientists have made a breakthrough in medical imaging by producing the sharpest scan ever of a Brain. The scan is 64 million times clearer than the typical clinical-based MRI. It was developed by researchers at Duke’s Center for In Vivo Microscopy in collaboration with University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Mighty magnet Researchers used a powerful magnet