Mozilla’s AI-Focused Venture aims to build trustworthy tech

Mozilla, the non-profit that developed Firefox, celebrates its 25th anniversary with the founding of artificial intelligence (AI), a company called Mark Surman (executive president of stated that the company’s goal is to develop open-source, “trustworthy” AI tech. Over five years of working on trustworthy AI, he felt “constantly a mix of excitement and anxiety.”

IIIT Delhi launches M.Tech Research Programme for Graduates; More Details Here

IIIT-Delhi announced the launch of its new Master of Technology in Research program. This 2-year program is intended to provide pre-doctoral training for students interested in solving complex research problems in engineering and computer science that are relevant to society and industry. Students who have a B.E./B.Tech. A degree in CSE/IT/ECE/EE or M.Sc. in Mathematics/Statistics Is Fake Or Real? Self-Check The News And Get The Facts

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Microsoft may transfer the ‘Call of Duty” games to PlayStation in a bid to stop Activision’s acquisition

Although the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal is in full swing, and some of its initial obstacles have been cleared up, Sony has yet to release further information. According to a company document, Microsoft may soon transfer “broken” games from “Call of Duty” to its gaming platform, PlayStation. This is despite Microsoft’s previous discussions with Sony and

Here are some signs you might need to take a break from social media and some tips to make your use of it more healthy

Scroll down on Instagram and exit. Open Facebook, scroll, exit and repeat. Open Twitter, scroll,  enter and repeat. Open TikTok… Many of us have made social media a habit. We use it daily, whether awake, asleep, or bored. Research shows that social media can have an impact on mental health. Experts recommend a balanced relationship between our doom-scrolling devices. Social media