South Korea Invests $18 Million in the Metaverse Fund, a new fund

South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT recently announced an investment in a fund to drive metaverse-related initiatives within the country. The Cointelegraph reports. South Korea is now capitalizing on the potential of the Metaverse to be an economic growth engine as more governments clamp down on cryptocurrencies and corporations abandon the Metaverse. South Korea Introduces

The Old iPhone Games May Now Run on PCs, thanks to Emulator

Many game developers have been developing applications that will run on the iPhone and iPod touchscreen since App Store was introduced in 2008. Super Monkey Ball, Flight Control, and Angry Birds are only a few examples of highly successful mobile applications that made Apple’s smartphones very popular. Because of their age and insufficient advancement, many games aren’t

“Inside” on Steam Dropped 90% Off, Now under $2

It’s unsurprising that both players and critics appreciate Playdead’s games. Their most recent game, “Inside,” has an “Overwhelmingly positive” review on Steam and is available at a bargain cost of 90 per cent. Amazing Discount of 90% on the Playdead Games for a Limited Time The players will be able to enjoy the game with