Swedish companies will use wooden wind turbines to build future wind farms.

Swedish renewable energy companies have joined forces to create a more sustainable solution for wind farms. Modvion and RWE Renewables Sweden AB announced a partnership to supply wooden towers for RWE’s future offshore wind farms.

RWE will use the initiative to increase its production and reduce its carbon footprint. The industry involves verifying the wood tower technology and preparing for future wooden tower use in wind farms.

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Wooden Towers

Wooden towers are modular and offer many advantages over traditional concrete or steel towers. Laminated wood is more durable than steel in proportion to its weight. This means that buildings can be built lighter and require fewer reinforcements.

Modular design makes it easy to transport without the need for costly special transports, road closures or lengthy permit procedures. 

Furthermore, carbon dioxide is bound by trees, which are stored as wood products, which act as a carbon sink.

The wood construction can produce radical reductions in emissions compared to other materials like concrete and steel.

It is excellent to see RWE, one of the world’s most respected companies, looking for ways to encourage innovation that allows renewable energy from renewable materials. Maria-Lina Hedlund is the CFO and acting CEO of Modvion. “Our technology could help the wind industry dramatically lower emissions while facilitating taller towers to reach stronger winds.”

Modvion conducted a site survey and found that almost four out of ten Swedes are more optimistic about wind power if they see towers made from wood.

Timber tower technology complements tower construction, as it can be used in the wind industry for more giant turbines.

Wood is a renewable resource that can dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to RISE, a life cycle analysis by the Swedish research institute RISE, a timber tower can reduce emissions by 90% compared to a standard steel tower with the same load and height.

Coming Soon in 2023

Modvion’s first commercial wind turbine will be installed by 2023. The wooden tower will rise 150m to accommodate the 2-megawatt turbine.

Modvion plans to build a 6-megawatt facility, the largest turbine ever made on the land.

Modular towers made of laminated wood can have significant market potential. They can help lower the new renewable electricity production cost, replacing concrete and steel with more sustainable and climate-smart materials. RWE Renewables will evaluate Modvion’s wooden tower as a potential option for future wind farms,” Lars Borisson, Head Of Onshore Origination & Development Nordics, said.

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