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Japan University Restricts Students’ Use of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that delivers essays and computer codes in seconds, has caused concern at universities and schools around the globe. Experts have expressed concern over the chatbot after several stories about people who passed difficult exams using it. Many universities and education authorities have banned the chatbot because it could be used to

Swedish companies will use wooden wind turbines to build future wind farms.

Swedish renewable energy companies have joined forces to create a more sustainable solution for wind farms. Modvion and RWE Renewables Sweden AB announced a partnership to supply wooden towers for RWE’s future offshore wind farms. RWE will use the initiative to increase its production and reduce its carbon footprint. The industry involves verifying the wood tower technology and

Do Kwon, Terraform founder is charged by Montenegrin police with forging documents.

Do Montenegrin police indict Kwon for creating two digital currencies? They lost nearly $40 billion. Do Kwon, the cryptocurrency entrepreneur behind two digital currencies that lost an estimated $40 billion (about Rs.) last year, was charged by Montenegrin police for forging official documents following his arrest at Podgorica airport. Do Kwon, a South Korean citizen,

Mozilla’s AI-Focused Venture aims to build trustworthy tech

Mozilla, the non-profit that developed Firefox, celebrates its 25th anniversary with the founding of artificial intelligence (AI), a company called Mark Surman (executive president of stated that the company’s goal is to develop open-source, “trustworthy” AI tech. Over five years of working on trustworthy AI, he felt “constantly a mix of excitement and anxiety.”

Microsoft may transfer the ‘Call of Duty” games to PlayStation in a bid to stop Activision’s acquisition

Although the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal is in full swing, and some of its initial obstacles have been cleared up, Sony has yet to release further information. According to a company document, Microsoft may soon transfer “broken” games from “Call of Duty” to its gaming platform, PlayStation. This is despite Microsoft’s previous discussions with Sony and

The Old iPhone Games May Now Run on PCs, thanks to Emulator

Many game developers have been developing applications that will run on the iPhone and iPod touchscreen since App Store was introduced in 2008. Super Monkey Ball, Flight Control, and Angry Birds are only a few examples of highly successful mobile applications that made Apple’s smartphones very popular. Because of their age and insufficient advancement, many games aren’t

“Inside” on Steam Dropped 90% Off, Now under $2

It’s unsurprising that both players and critics appreciate Playdead’s games. Their most recent game, “Inside,” has an “Overwhelmingly positive” review on Steam and is available at a bargain cost of 90 per cent. Amazing Discount of 90% on the Playdead Games for a Limited Time The players will be able to enjoy the game with